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About me

My work straddles the realms of fine art, artisan craft and graphic design, with each discipline invigorating and informing the other in an ever expanding spiral of creativity. As an artist I am deeply drawn to energetic patterns within nature, repetition of organic shapes and tight colour palettes.

I aim to innovate and create from a space of pure possibility, with my work emerging slowly and intuitively from experimental processes guided by my commune with nature spirit. As a keen exponent of upcycling, I collect materials from both the natural and man-made world, and revel in the process of finding new life for them as I create art that taps into and expresses my unique visual language.

I am both inspired and enriched by a lifetime of observing art in many forms from all cultures, particularly handmade crafts, stitching, weaving and spiritual offerings.

Channelling my inner birdy spirit as a participant in Gabrielle Bates “Greenway Unknowns” 2019.


Greenway Art Prize
Runner Up
Kuringai Art and Garden Festival


Leichhardt, Sydney
Dec 2022
Leichhardt, Sydney
Dec 2021