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Sometimes we need to contract before we can expand.

The past year has seen many of us reevaluate what really matters. Sometimes we need to contract before we can expand. It can be seen as a time for the shedding of skin, a time for reflection thats leads to reinvention. Changes may be necessary to align more authentically with your life’s purpose and vision.

What does this change look like for you? What large and small steps can you take to get there from here?

I have been pondering these questions most days, meditating, and taking time out for reflection and self care. Making considered plans with sketchbook in hand. This may have in the past felt like wasted time, chastened as I was by the illusion of need to make tangible progress in quick order. So now I am embracing the slow process. Consolidating what resonates for me by way of regular re-iteration. Like an iceberg, I move towards my own truth.

Photo by @davidclode on Unsplash

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